MIRO CHEMBIOTECH is an innovative technology company specializing in design, development and delivery of nutrition ingredients, herbal extracts with medicinal properties, biofuel and bioplastics using chemical synthesis and fermentation based technologies.

 Human nutrition

Human Nutrition & Health

Dietary minerals that all living organisms require are supplied by ingesting specific foods, but appropriate intake levels of certain minerals require additional sourses of these minerals. Amino acid chelated minerals, which have absorption rate over 90 %, are used as dietary supplements for these minerals [...more]

Selenium is a very important essential nutrient and its deficiency or excess has been implicated in the development of several diseases. Organic forms (e.g. high-selenium yeast) are often preferred as supplements, partly because they are less toxic and have higher bioavailability and bioaccessibility than inorganic supplements [...more]

 Animal nutrition

Animal Nutrition & Health

The benefits of feeding animals using patented amino acid chelated minerals technology and selenium enriched yeast include:
• Decreased antibiotic applications
• Reduced mortality rates and disease rates
• Improved immune status and reproductive functions
• Improved growth of animals and skeletal development
• Increased hoot strength and milk production
• Reduced somatic cell counts in milk [...more]

 Plant nutrition

Plant Nutrition

Soil is one of the earth´s most essential resources for global food production. After a number of crops are grown in the soil using conventional farming practices, the soil becomes minerals deficient as well as anything grown in it. In addition to macronutrients (such as nitrogen, phosphorus, and potassium), which are usually replenished by using commertial fertilizers, micronutrients (such as boron, calcium, cupper, iron, magnesium, manganese, selenuium, and zinc), are also essential for normal plant growth and development and should also be replenished [...more]



Using biomass for energy has been around since people used fire to cook food and keep warm. The growing demand for energy production creates an opportunity for biomass to become a substantial supplement to current energy production methods. Biomass initiatives have gained popularity in recent years due to the uncertain nature of foreign fuel sources. Abundant resources and waste materials make biomass energy possible because of the variety and quantity of substances that can be burned to create energy. MIRO CHEMBIOTECH is developing a renewable and economically affordable biofuel as MiroBioDiesel and MiroBioEthanol.



Unstable and climbing price for oil as a basic source of chemicals for plastics production has attracted a lot of attention and effort to use materials from renewable, biodegradable, and not toxic biological sources. Lignin, an aromatic biopolymer, has been identified as a primary candidate for using in bio-based formulations. It is a by-product of pulp and paper industry, bioethanol production, or production of organosolv process, and as a result, it is widely available and inexpensive [...more]

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